Created in 2013, Perspective Playground is an interactive art installation experience that arrived in Spain in March 2017 through the brand Olympus. Boasting over twelve editions and 300,000 visitors, the Barcelona edition broke all records and surpassed expectations during the month of the exhibition.

At a time when photography has been democratized thanks to the mobile phone, our challenge was to put the focus back on the art of taking photographs.

The concept was to offer the most complete sensory experience possible; visitors could walk around the interactive works and participate in them. They could use, experiment with, and experience each art installation however they wished through one of 300 Olympus cameras available completely free of charge, with the added benefit of being able to take the memory card away with them.


The challenge was to create their own artistic perspective, which is difficult to do without a camera.


The venue, the Modernist Sant Pau Convent Complex, was the perfect counterpoint to the exhibition. This unrenovated UNESCO world heritage site of over 1,200 square metres was opened to the public for the first time thanks to Olympus and Brand Events.

The Brand Events team decided to innovate the creative concept and so organized a series of activities and workshops to add even more value to the event. The photography activities, talks and even concerts and dance performances, brought added value that helped attract a spectrum of visitors of all ages and tastes.

The exhibition closed with a record number of 25,000 visitors. Brand Events, together with Olympus, was responsible for finding the venue; defining the market segment; implementing the communications and publicity strategy; obtaining the activity licence; signing agreements with partners; drawing up the activities calendar; hiring the installation, exhibition and takedown suppliers; and of course, achieving the client’s desired KPIs.





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