What makes a party, a dinner or an event special? The factors can vary and opinions are likely to differ depending who you ask.

That said, in the case of the Pilatos gala dinner, at Brand Events we are certain that it was without a doubt the surroundings and the venue that made this event unique.

.To celebrate the 3rd CEREC and InLab Symposium, Henry Schein and Sirona in Seville, our client wanted to invite all congress attendees to a gala dinner in an unrivalled setting, the Casa de Pilatos, an exemplary Andalusian palace from the Golden Age.

The Casa de Pilatos palace, principally built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and located in the historic centre of Seville, is an exceptional and unique place for large and small private events.

The palace, a National Monument since 1931, welcomed over 300 guests, who were served the finest local Andalusian cuisine.

We achieved our aim of creating a relaxed atmosphere following a long day of conferences and workshops, and there is no doubt that attendees were transported to another era.

We created a series of elements around this special space to enhance its beauty: spectacular lighting, setting the mood with live Spanish music, and a selection of the best cuisine from the area, not forgetting, of course, expert ham cutters. All this helped create an unforgettable evening and a happy memory for attendees.





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