Where would we be without Photoshop!

To celebrate 25 years of Photoshop, Adobe organized one of the most ground-breaking events in the world of design and technology: Adobe Photoshop Rockstars.

Our client, Adobe, placed their trust in the Brand team for the organization and creation of the event, whose only requirement was that it be held in a central location in Madrid able to host the large number of attendees planned to be included in the celebration.

With the aim of surprising and providing a venue that brought together a touch of modernity, creativity and design at its best, the auditorium of Callao City Lights cinema was chosen. Located very near the Puerta del Sol, Callao cinemas have a long history but have also been able to adapt to modern times, just like Photoshop and Adobe over the last 25 years.

The event looked back at the different versions of the Photoshop program, there were exclusive announcements of new features, and debates were held where several speakers from the sector laid out their vision for Photoshop, one of the most widely used programs by designers and creatives.

Whilst the idea of the event was to recall the design program’s history, we also wanted conference attendees to join in Adobe’s celebrations. After the talks ended we therefore invited attendees to an after-party, enlivened with music from the Navarra rock group Las Gafas de M, and with a creative photocall that was full of surprises. Because design and rock&roll go together too!





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