One of our most recent events was the annual kick-off meeting for an international technology corporation.

“Kick-off” is currently one of the most frequently used expressions with our clients. It is one of the most innovative practices in project management and the business world, and consists of a meeting where the annual financial calendar is reviewed and new strategic challenges are set.

The aim was to bring together 500 people from Portugal, Spain and Italy over 4 days, and to offer them a selection of activities and spaces according to their needs. We chose the city of Lisbon as the DMC because of its wide range of flexible venues, conference centres, its perfect location, and for the added value of its still unexplored cultural treasures.

The Brand Events team carried out recces months before deciding which were the most suitable spaces for the conferences, meetings and recreational activities, with innovation and unique experiences always at the top of the list of priorities.

In parallel, a conceptualization strategy was drawn up to demonstrate the hard work employees had put in over the past year to reach the targets and KPIs established by head office. It centred around a STAR WARS theme and it is true to say that the force had indeed been with them all along the way.

Over the four days, the team was present for all flights, transfers, accreditations, room preparation, conferences, cultural visits, events, and all other unforeseen requirements that could possibly arise.

According to the evaluation questionnaires, the experience was more than satisfactory.





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